Beaming Facts about Electricians Today

Most people have a general idea of what electricians do. Electrical work is a career path of practicality such as repair, maintenance, and service. There are also electricians that specialize in the electrical wiring of ships, airplanes, and cars.

We take a closer look at just what kinds of electricians are available today in the community services industry.

Electrician Career Options

Installation Electrician

This type of electrician is responsible for the fitting of power, lighting, fire protection, and security structures

Maintenance Electrician

This electrician is responsible for maintaining efficient and safe structure operations such as security systems and power structures.

Electro-Technical Panel Builder

An ET panel builder puts together and fits control panels of electrical structures.

Machine Repair and Rewire Electrician

This type of electrician repairs and rewires electrical motors, transformers, and circuit breakers.

Highway Systems Electrician

A highway systems electrician builds and repairs street lights and traffic management structures.

Qualifications and Skills Needed

It takes about two to four years to become a fully qualified electrician depending on your choice of area specialization. If you have a good understanding of technical concepts and plans, numeracy, and problem-solving skills, this could be for you.

With regards to obtaining a qualification, you’re at an advantage if you completed subjects at school such as mathematics, English, and physics. With these subjects, you can then apply to study an accredited level 3 diploma in electro-technical services and electrical installation.

To work as an apprentice for three to five years with an electrical company, you need to have a standard level 3 diploma in electrical installation. Upon qualifying, you have to become electrically licensed. Requirements to obtain an electrical license varies between states. Qualified electricians either move on to work for small business or open their own electrical business.

Any electrician has to be prepared for a physically demanding industry to become a part of. This includes working in any kinds of adverse weather conditions which makes things difficult and more laborious. All electricians are required to have personal protective equipment to avoid on-site injuries from electric shocks and arc flash exposure. Become a part of the industry that provides light for all communities around the world!