Useful Guides

In this guide section of our website, we have chosen three practical job opportunities to elaborate on to help you decide your career path. Not everybody likes working in an office five days a week. However, there are the following alternative options to consider.


A locksmith is a qualified individual specializing in the making and repairing of locks and keys. Besides cutting keys, some locksmiths are specialized in the supply and installation of security systems like residential alarms.

Locks and keys can be made for cupboards, garages, doors, padlocks, windows, and car keys.


An electrician is a qualified tradesman who specializes in the maintenance of electrical and power systems in houses, businesses, and industrial buildings. This also includes the installation and maintenance of electrical wiring, control, and lighting systems. Inspection of electrical units includes transformers and circuit breakers. Electricians can also test for electrical faults if need be.


A plumber is also a qualified tradesman responsible for the installation and repairs to water pipes, drainage systems, general water piping to houses, businesses, and industrial buildings. Let’s not forget who we often call in an emergency to unplug our blocked toilet systems or install new bathtubs, washing machines, and dishwashers.

All tradesmen specialize in something that is of great service to our communities such as plumbing, electricity, as well as lock and key solutions. These types of qualifications do not require a Bachelor’s Degree either making it easier for any person to study this.